Ring to Wrist Bracelet

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.04.25 PM

So excited about my new purchase on NastyGal.com! I’ve been looking for ring to wrist bracelets everywhere online and couldn’t seem to find any cute and affordable ones. (All of the ones I liked were WAY out of a college student’s price range). However, I did find this one on NastyGal.com and it was also my first purchase on this site. I really like how dainty and girly this one looks with the small pearls and the gold. I love how elegant, yet boho these bracelets look; they add a nice edge to any outfit. I know Urban Outfitters also carries some products like this, but the prices aren’t as low as they are on NastyGal for these pieces. If you know where I can find more of these for an affordable price, please don’t hesitate to comment! Thanks guys! <3

Eos Lip Balm

photo 2 photo 1

I’m assuming most of you are familiar with this product, but for those of you who aren’t, this is Eos Lip Balm. I honestly love this stuff so much. It has been EXTREMELY hot and humid at school, so I usually put this on everyday. Preferably, if I remember, I put it on at night so I can wake up to softer lips every morning. When you put it on, you don’t feel like its doing much to help your lips, but I’ve used it very consistently and I can definitely see a difference when I apply it regularly. Also, look at the shape! It’s adorable! Where else have you seen a little egg shaped lip balm? To be honest, I feel like that’s how it got most of it’s popularity and smooth lips are just the sprinkles to the ice cream. This pink one is definitely my favorite flavor. It’s a strawberry-ish taste and it’s fabulous. They also have a mint flavor that has a similar effect as Burt’s Bees when applied. Another great thing about this lip balm is that guys can use it too. I feel like everyone I see using them are girls, but its great for guys as well! You can find these at Target and probably many other drug store type places. I definitely recommend these things! :)

Urban Decay: “Naked”

photophoto 5  photo 4 photo 3

For so long I have been hearing how amazing Urban Decay’s “Naked” line is. I’m not usually one to wear eye shadow everyday but with this palette, I’ve been so excited to use Naked 2 and experiment with the different colors. It comes with some normal nude colors, but also some glittery nude colors. It gives such a beautiful, natural touch to your face. It also comes with a little pinkish brush. The next piece from Urban Decay is a little compact of eye shadows called Naked Basics. It comes with less colors and is perfect to have in your purse to touch up. However, it doesn’t come with a brush, so you’d have to use one of your own. This is probably the best eyeshadow I have ever owned. Both the compact and the full set of Naked 2. They are so creamy and go on so nicely. If you’re one who uses eye shadow everyday, I really recommend these sets from Urban Decay!


Hey guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’m a little over a week into college and it has been so hectic! But it’s been a good kind of hectic. It took a couple days to change my routines, but I feel I’ve adjusted quite well. I absolutely love my roommate and we get along so well. My neighbors in the dorm are also fantastic and I’ve made so many friends. People are definitely right who say that college is so tough but so much fun as well! Classes have just started up and I’m finally realizing that it will be a challenge in that aspect. However, I am determined to do well and study. I’ve really enjoyed having my own time to finish homework, but have a great time with my friends as well. From movie nights to toga parties, we’ve made the most of college life and this big adjustment. 

It’s funny how much you miss the little things when you’re away from home. For example, water pressure. ALWAYS appreciate good water pressure, because that’s one thing I’m missing the most right now. Also, easy access to transportation. I miss my car so much, even though walking everywhere has been good exercise. Lastly, good food. Unfortunately, college cafeteria food is not the best and whenever I go home next, I’ll appreciate a simple home cooked meal. 

Besides these little details, I’ve really enjoyed this experience so far! I’ve already learned so much and I’ve loved meeting so many new and different people! I’m sure those of you who are just starting college like me have similar feelings about some of this and I’d love to know how you’re adjusting! Let me know in the comments! :) 

One Lovely Blog Award!


Hello lovely people! I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you so much to Huiminxoxo for the nomination, it was so sweet and I really appreciate it! She has some really great outfit ideas and awesome pictures so check out her blog! 

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

1. Name and thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog. 

2. Share seven things about yourself. 

3. Nominate fifteen or so other bloggers. 

Seven Facts about Me! (Keeping it short and simple)

1. I am a perfectionist. However, not with everything. Particularly dealing with my art. 

2. I am officially a college student. I’m only on my second night as I’m writing this post! 

3. I desperately want to travel around Europe. 

4. I actually have a huge British flag hanging up in my dorm room. (I’ll post pictures of how I decorated soon). 

5. I love having bonfires with friends. I don’t mind having them even if it’s not during the summer. 

6. I have an excessive amount of perfume. (It’s probably way too much but I love different scents for the changing seasons). 

7. Coldplay and Lorde are my favorite artists!!! 

Other Bloggers I Nominate

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Well that’s it for this award acceptance. I’m sorry if it was a bit short, but if you’ve been reading my posts lately, it’s been quite the busy few days. I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to accept the award because I think they’re all just so sweet and nice and gets blogs out there for others to read. Thanks again to Huiminxoxo for the nomination, it means a lot to me that I was nominated for such a nice award. :)

Move in Day

Well the day has come. I’m finally moved into college. Yesterday was probably the most tiresome days I’ve had in a while. Not just because I had to wake up at 4:45 in the morning. I woke up bright and early to make the drive down to the university. However, that might have been a little too early considering I was the first one here out of my entire freshman class…whoops. I was warmly welcomed into the building with a crowd of juniors and seniors cheering for me. It was super nice don’t get me wrong, but a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, since we were so early, we had to wait a bit and I had to walk in a second time later and get the same welcome all over again. 

After check-in, it was finally to move all of my stuff into the dorm. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and it’s finally here. We drove down the small hill to my dorm and you can probably guess what happened next. Yelling and screaming juniors and seniors welcoming me to my dorm. The best part though, we parked the car and a mass of them began to unload the car and bring all my stuff to the room. My family and I didn’t have to lift a finger. They were all so caring and encouraging, telling me how much I will love college. We walked into the room after everything was unloaded and I could only find one bed. There was definitely supposed to be two. I finally realized the second bed was buried under all my boxes and bags. This was absolutely the best way to move in and I will always remember that experience filled with loving people. 

It was time to unpack and organize. It took a good hour or two just to get everything out of the boxes. We made the bed, got my desk set up, my clothes in the closet, and after seemingly endless hours of getting everything situated, we were almost done. I decorated a little and I still need some small bins but my room is finally completed. This took most of the day but it was definitely worth it. I’m so happy with my dorm. 

We then had some activities where we got to meet new people and make friends. By the end of the night, I was exhausted. I think everyone was. This may sound odd but I know most people worry about this when moving into college. I dreaded the idea of communal bathrooms and showers. The first night was definitely rough and it’s going to take some getting used to, but I think I’ll adjust just fine after a week or so. Getting to sleep was also a little hard considering whatever the boys were doing on the floor above me. I eventually fell asleep but woke up at 3:00 in the morning. It’s easy to say I’m absolutely exhausted and it’s been a busy couple of days. They’ve been super fun though and I can’t wait to get integrated more into the school. 

Some of you may also be going through an experience like this and I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you’re doing! Let me know in the comments. :)

My Wishlist: Romwe.com

This My Wishlist post is from the website Romwe.com. I don’t go on this website too much, but I notice many fashion gurus from the UK visit this site quite often. It’s not majorly expensive, which is nice. I’ve also noticed many stores are already bringing out their fall apparel. So I decided to check out Romwe’s sweaters and coats. They have a great selection so lets get started! 

Romwe Snowflake and Heart Knitted Long Sleeves Navy Jumper

This is the first sweater that caught my eye. It has that ugly but cute sweater vibe to it. I like the colors in it and the subtle lines of hearts. I also really love how they styled it with the denim shirt underneath. It looks super warm and perfect for the fall/winter. I love oversized sweaters like this, especially for the season, so I really hope to get one like this soon. This is called Romwe Snowflake and Heart Knitted Long Sleeves Navy Jumper. 

Asymmetric Hollow-out LIght Pink Jumper

Next up is this simple, pale pink knitted sweater. I know this is just a general fall/winter item, but I absolutely love the color and everyone needs something like this during the chilly weather. Sweaters like this are super cute with leggings or tights. It is such a cute girly color, but if you want to edge it up, some black leather tights would be perfect with this and paired with some spiked, studded jewelry. If it’s raining where you are, a jacket, pants, scarf, and combat boots would look adorable with this. I recently bought a sweater like this in a beige color from Sheinside.com, which I also posted about so you can check that out if you’re interested. This sweater is called Asymmetric Hollow-out Light Pink Jumper. 

Rolle-up Hoodied Blue Denim Coat Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.33.53 PM

This next jacket looks a little lighter, so it’s probably more suited for a California winter (pretty much constantly sunny, but so nice haha). I just think this jacket is so unique and I love how it’s denim. It looks so cute with the sleeves rolled up and it’s so casual. One of the best parts about it is the hood. I think jackets like this with hoods are awesome and perfect to throw over pretty much anything. Better yet, the inside of the hood has a cool print. It gives a nice little touch to this jacket. Lastly, for some reason I really enjoy the buttons. I think it gives a cool boho touch to it. This item is called Rolled-up Hoodied Blue Denim Coat. 

Lapel Double Breasted Loose Trench Coat

This is the last item for this post. It’s a nice, long trench coat in a neutral color. Big coats like this are especially perfect for the winter and I definitely need to invest in one like this. One thing I really like about this one however, is the huge pockets on the sides. During cold weather months, you want to keep your hands warm, and those pockets are perfect for that. I love how items like this look adorable either buttoned up or open to show a knit sweater or cute top. Definitely a must have for winter! This coat is called Lapel Double Breasted Loose Trench Coat. 

That’s all for this My Wishlist post! I hope you enjoyed it, Romwe is a really awesome website! I can’t believe fall is already almost upon us. The best part is definitely the clothes with all the layering and bundling up to keep warm. Get ready for the sweater weather! Let me know what you think of these items or the site! Happy online shopping! :)