Topshop Bathing Suits

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Hello lovelies! Wanted to share with you some awesome buys I got from Topshop! I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and flattering their bathing suit tops are. So much so that I had to buy five of them… I tried on the blue one on at the Grove in L.A. (where they have one of the best Topshop stores ever) and since I needed bathing suits so desperately, I bought the rest online. They have the best colors, patterns, and even textures. The white top has a really unique texture to it which is cool considering white is so plain (it’ll make you look tan though!). There are no criss cross ties in the back which makes these perfect for tanning. They also have the cutest gold accent at the end of every strap. I don’t recommend wearing these in the ocean or anywhere where there’s intense surf…they definitely won’t stay on, so stick with tanning for these tops. I believe each one was about $20. So go online or to your nearest Topshop to pick some of these up before summer kicks off! :)

Cold War Kids “First”

Here’s some music I’ve been listening to lately from the Cold War Kids. This is a great song and a pretty cool music video as well! I’ve known this band was around but I’ve never really gotten chance to listen to their stuff. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. But for now, here’s “First.” Hope you all had a lovely and restful Easter!

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

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This lip scrub from Lush is my new favorite beauty product at the moment. I’ve never owned a lip scrub before, and I’m bummed I haven’t. This product definitely works and makes your lips silky smooth. Dip your finger in the small bottle and you get almost a sediment-like product. I usually apply it on my lips and scrub them for as long as I feel is needed. The fun part is though, you are still left with some sediment on your lips, so all you need to do is lick off the excess hahaha. I was surprised at how good it actually tastes so this isn’t a hassle. However, sometimes it does get a little overpowering so once in a while i’ll just wipe off the excess with a towel. After it’s all off, I will then apply some EOS lip balm. When you use this product after the lip scrub, it feels so good and has a Burt’s Bees effect. You can feel it smoothing your lips and making them soft. It was a little pricey (considering I had to order online and pay for shipping), but it will definitely last you a long while. Can’t wait for the new Lush to open in the mall at home, I want to try out some more of their products! Enjoy!! <3

NYX Stormy Skies Palette


Here’s a little something I picked up at Urban Outfitters yesterday while celebrating my birthday. This awesome eyeshadow palette from NYX, called “Stormy Skies,” comes with some lovely dark shades. I didn’t have any dark blues to wear during the nighttime and I thought this palette would be perfect for that. It also comes with some nice neutral shades for the daytime. It’s $15 and if you can’t make it to one of their stores, you could check online. I usually use the Naked 2 or Naked 3 palettes for eyeshadow but this is a great addition to my growing collection. It’s just like Urban Decay’s Naked palettes because the texture is very similar. Is eyeshadow does not have a creamy or soft texture, it doesn’t apply well. But these definitely go on very easily and blend well. Definitely happy with the purchase. :)

Spring Breaker

Ahh spring break..a time to relax, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the bright sunshine, assuming you’re from a sunny state. Unfortunately for me, my spring break just ended a couple of days ago and I am already missing it severely. For a constantly busy college student, I didn’t think I could enjoy a break so much. I’m sure those of you in the college scene can vouch for me when I say that even a few days’ break is appreciated. I wanted to chat with you guys about what I did and maybe even hear what your plans are for break!

Luckily for me, my amazing boyfriend came home from school as well after a couple months of not being able to see each other. We took spring break as an opportunity to make some memories. One of my most favorite outings though, was our day long trip to Los Angeles. We both love spending time there and we had a whole list of places to go. I did do a bit of shopping too, so look for a post later on with some items I got.

First off, we ate breakfast at my favorite little donut shop in Westwood, Stan’s Donuts. If any of you live around the area I definitely recommend Stan’s (specifically the peanut butter filled, chocolate chip one). We ended up walking down a street that had so many of my favorite stores including Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. However, I didn’t purchase anything because I was saving my money for a stop at the new Nasty Gal store on Melrose! I’ve been waiting so long to shop at the store since I love the online one so much. I have yet to buy anything from their since it’s usually so pricey, but I was prepared to when we got there. Unfortunately, I was a little let down after we got there and I shopped for a while. The store is decorated very nicely and definitely has the Nasty Gal vibe. There were a few things that set me off about it, though. An excessive amount of workers were there that day and I felt very bombarded by too many people asking me the same questions. I only found a few things that were slightly affordable for a college student. When I finally went into the dressing room to try on a few things for fun, I was taken aback by the see through rooms. Let me clarify. No one can see through the rooms except for a sillhouette, but whoever is in them can see outside. I knew no one could see me undressing, but it was still a little unsettling for me. Having left empty handed and a little disappointed, we carried on with our day. *I want to always give honest reviews of anything dealing with fashion, even if something I expect to be amazing doesn’t live up to that expectation. I’ll never twist the truth so that you have a solid opinion and aren’t steered the wrong way.* 

My boyfriend and I had a reservation at Villa Blanca later in the evening and we had quite a few hours to kill before then. So we decided to go to Amoeba Music. This is our favorite record store and the biggest and closest one to our hometown. We don’t get the chance to go very often, so when we do, we splurge. He bought me a couple records for my birthday coming up and I bought him a couple for our anniversary. I picked up a couple other things from the shop and after a while here, we headed to our next destination.

Still having nothing bought fashion wise, I suggested we go to the Grove. They have so many awesome shops here including Topshop, Anthropology, Zara, and Nordstrom. We went to Topshop first and I finally found some things I liked (hopefully I will find time to blog about them soon). After a couple hours here, it was finally time to eat at Villa Blanca. If you’re curious as to what this restaurant is, it is one of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants. Inside, it is beautifully decorated with pillows and curtains. Outside on the awning, there are little pink fairy lights that drape down and shine during the nighttime. We were seated inside but there was also seating that wrapped around the outside of the restaurant. Him and I had a lovely dinner together between candle malfunctions almost creating bonfires on our table (whoops). To end our night, we returned to the Grove for Coffee Bean and a movie. We ended up seeing Focus, which I totally recommend; it was an awesome movie filled with suspense, action, and romance.

This concluded our memorable trip to Los Angeles. I will never forget trips like these and hopefully we’ll be able to go more places in the summertime. The rest of our break was filled with a day at the beach, job hunting for the summer, and other dates. I also tried to get a little family time in between these busy days. Whenever I come home, my mom always makes the most amazing dinners, breakfasts, or lunches. I always look forward to her cooking when I come home on the weekends or during longer breaks. I’m so sad break is already over and I’m back on that college grind, but its time to end this year on a positive note! I hope you all have the most amazing spring breaks and I’d love to hear what your plans are in the comments below! <3

Alt J “Tessellate”

Here’s some music I’ve been listening to recently. This is probably one of the more popular songs from Alt J. It’s a very mellow sounding, unique song. I don’t have very many words to describe it, but if you love alternative/indie music, you’d definitely like this song. Tessellate is from their older album, entitled “An Awesome Wave”. I’ve been listening to this album in its entirety and I absolutely love it. It’s awesome background music if you’re busy doing chores, studying, or even working out (they have some louder songs with more bass, which I think is great when I’m on the elliptical). Ellie Goulding actually does a cover of this song which is also great sounding. Hope you enjoy!! :)

Crystal Necklace

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Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Here’s one of the gifts I got from my amazing boyfriend. I’ve been dying to get one of these beautiful crystal necklaces. They’re so perfect for layering dainty necklaces. Cool thing about these though, is that not every one is the same. Each one of them is different and unique. You can get them in a variety of colors but I loved how the white one had different colors inside of it in the light. I also liked how it looked with the silver chain, but I’m almost positive you can get them with a gold chain as well. You can find these on and from Nomadic Store. Thanks again to my valentine, I’m so lucky to have you in my life, love.